Here at CFE, we believe coaches should be motivated, enthusiastic and obsessed with constant improvement.

Our job is to provide our members with the best hour of their day, every day, and to help them achieve their goals by any means necessary. 

Current Position Openings

Coach - Group CLasses

Pay-Scale based on CrossFit Accreditation:

Level 1 – $20/class
Level 2 – $25/class
Level 3 – $30/class
Level 4 – $35/class

Not already Certified?
Our coaches on-ramp program is simple, effective and fun. 

At CFE, our coaches thrive by embracing three basic principles:

1. Be Enthusiastic - we have a lifetime to get athletes to move better, we don't have a lifetime to create excitement. Enthusiasm starts from the top down; when coaches are excited to coach, athletes are excited to train, when athletes are excited to train - there are no limits to what can be achieved.

2. Care - we are in the business of changing lives and forging relationships. In order to accomplish these tasks, we have to care about our athletes/members both inside the gym and out. Our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries. 

3. See/Teach/Correct - arguably the most critical aspects of being a successful coach are the abilities to:
1. Teach proper movement mechanics
2. See gross and acute movement faults.
3. Quickly/effectively correct them.
Without these abilities - we serve little purpose.  

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