Don't Stop Moving... Even When it Hurts

Movement is life… Many of you have heard me say this [and if you haven’t then you aren’t speaking with me enough], the phrase refers to keeping: the skills we claim in our physical endeavors; to earning new skills; and to reclaiming skills we have lost. However, and most importantly, the phrase refers to the therapeutic effect that movement has upon the body.

Movement can take literally any form. As long as you are not lying on your back doing nothing, you are engaged in some sort of movement. Even simply standing is a form of movement, because certain muscles must be engaged in order to fight gravity and keep you erect [for all of you out there snickering, yes I said erect, try to be an adult]. Sometimes movement is turning your head from side to side, sometimes it is going to the gym and hitting a MobilityWOD, other times it is merely taking your joints through an impromptu range-of-motion flow, where one chooses a starting position and attempts to move into a variety of positions without stopping. The only rule? There is no wrong movement. Just learn what your body is capable of, and work on the restrictions you uncover. You might be surprised at how good your body feels when you stop using everyday movement patterns, and break out your inner yoga-freak.

During Friday’s WOD, with 13min left on the clock, and 14 rounds completed, I accidentally shifted a vertebrae in my back… I had to stop. Saturday morning was a nightmare. The pain woke me at 6am and it took me 10min to get out of bed. Then, when I finally did, I could not stand erect. I had to hobble from furniture item to furniture item until I found a makeshift cane, which I was forced to utilized for the whole morning; the pain very nearly caused me to quit. But then I hear myself speaking to my clientele, my friends, my CFE family… ‘Movement is life.’ Who would I be if I quit? A hypocrite? A teacher of false doctrine? Yes and yes, but I would also be proverbially dead. I knew if I lay down I would not get back up. I threw up a quick prayer to Jesus [yes I believe in God... again, you’re most likely not speaking with me enough]; then I grit my teeth, growled at my cursed and broken body, and chose to fight for my movement… I chose to reclaim my body.

No, I did not take drugs. I needed my senses acute in order to identify the patterns in which I could move and in which I could not move. The goal? Move into the pattern(s) that hurt less; then over time, move into the positions that used to feel unbearable. My only goal Saturday was to be able to get on and off the floor, and by 4pm I had achieved my goal. I know when I need help, so I reached out to Kelly Collins [on of CFEs resident OTs] and she agreed to work on me and rock tape my back on Sunday at 11am. - We are a tribe, we help each other. - I am now pain free, but exhausted, and I can feel the weakness in certain muscles. So this week I am dedicated to movement in order to rehab myself and keep that which I had to earn over the weekend.

So, I hereby challenge all of CFE to a 5-min movement flow every day this week. When you do, post it on the CFE FB-Page. I will start us off tonight. So get after it CFE!

“It’s not about how hard you can hit… It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep pushing… Keep moving forward.”

- Rocky -

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