The Mind Is Primary

"Train your mind and your body will follow. "
-Someone, Somewhere

Growing and developing our minds is absolutely crucial for long term success in this world. If the mind suffers, the body does too. When our mind/spirit grows, physical performance improves, as performance improves, confidence evolves and character develops. It’s a fascinating and important cycle.

In training as with life, our least favorable aspect is discomfort, hands down. But being willing to accept and enjoy discomfort - knowing that it leads to adaptation and improvement is a valuable lesson to be learned. In doing so, we are able to prevent or avoid many negative aspects commonly associated with our style of training: cherry picking workouts, lack of interest, burnout, or biased programming to name a few. By embracing discomfort and welcoming the unknown, we are able to build and maintain a more well-rounded base of skills and abilities. In order for this chain-reaction to begin; we must first establish and refine the proper mindset - one primed and hungry to grow.

Our mindsets can be trained and molded, much like our bodies believe it or not. A consistent cycle of stimulus/response will provide both physical and mental adaptation. Deliberate and focussed thoughts and actions break the cycle of existing habits, and lay the foundation for new ones to form. These new habits, be they good or bad, establish the kind of mindset we will adopt and embrace.

People often say that we become what we do, read, think and feel. Similarly that we are the sum of the five people interact with most. So if this is the case, then choose your peers and influences wisely. Being surrounded by trustworthy, caring and enthusiastic people, it would seem, is the foundation on which progress towards a more confident, capable and understood self sits. From here, we build.


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