Spotlight Member - November 2017


Jen Naughton... throwing down at the Throwdown...



We made the list.  We checked it twice.  One name sat at the top on every ballot and we’re going BANANAS to announce November’s CFE Member Highlight.. Jen Naughton!!!

Ok, first off, when you have an opportunity to use a Christmas pun - you take it! Second, and more importantly, we are just coming off a holiday when we all gathered with friends and family to give thanks and to count our blessings (and sure, maybe some of us convinced ourselves that we definitely burned enough calories earlier in the week at Crossfit to binge eat our Thanksgiving feasts!).  But, when it comes to our CFE family, we feel incredibly thankful and blessed that Jen joined our tribe and we are grateful to be able to recognize her as the November CFE Highlight Member.

Jen is dedicated to leading herself and her family to a life of health and fitness.  Jen absolutely adores CFE and she shares it with her whole family.  She works so hard both inside and outside of the gym. Even while juggling demands of being a mom of 3 and a full-time nurse, Jen finds the time to actively participate in classes and CFE community activities. She’s always asking questions as she’s eager to learn and progress, and she takes pride in achieving small goals as they only help get her one step closer to her bigger ones. She’s incredibly driven; consistent in her training; and always wants to take on a challenge, but she centers on being incredibly selfless as she always finds a way to be there to cheer and support others in the pursuit of their own separate goals.

Read below to get to know Jen and be sure to tell her Congratulations!...  and maybe politely mention to her that the workout she created is pure evil…

1. Tell us about yourself:

“I am a Mom before all other things (with the exception of the 15-10 minutes a WOD takes). Grace is 15, Max 11, and Colten 7. Though I think most people already know them because CFE is one of their favorite places to hang out too! I am a nurse. I currently work on a rehabilitation unit in a nursing home in Woburn. I love, love, love what I get to do for a living.  The people I have met and the nurse experiences I have had in the past 5 years as a nurse are pretty much immeasurable. I moved to Merrimack last year and never thought I would meet so many people so quickly.  Joining a Crossfit gym is by far the easiest way to make a quick 75 friends when you are new in town!”

2. How long have you been with us at CFE? Do you remember your first workout?

“I started on-ramp with Alexander in January. I met with him to talk about the New You challenge. I could hear the energy coming from the gym while we talked about the challenge and decided to skip the challenge and just sign-up as a member.  So glad I did! I have no idea what my first workout was but I do remember asking Alexander if I could pay to on ramp again because I never thought I would be ready for a WOD (he said NO!).”

3. What is your favorite movement/lift?  Least favorite?

“I have a lot of favorites… box jumps, dumbbell snatches, wall balls, SDHPs, sled pushes, and squat cleans.  My least favorite… strict press, push press, thrusters.”

4. If you could design the perfect workout and name it after yourself what would it be?

“It would be called NAUGHTON EASY ONE (ba-da-bump tssss): It would definitely be a grind… 3 rounds for time… 800m plate carry (because who doesn’t love an odd-object run!), 21 box jumps, 18 dumbbell snatches, 15 T2B, 9 burpees, 6 wall balls, 3 squat cleans. If you have time to stick around… Sprint 100m x8 and sled pull heavy AF (parental censory) 50’ x 6 rounds.

5. You’re the newest addition to the crayon box – what color would you be and why?

“Orange!  I love the color… grew up in Woburn and that was our team color. I like the way it stood out from the other towns red, blue, or white uniforms.”

6. If you could pick the perfect song to listen to during the best workout of your life what would it be?

“You’re the Best (theme song from Karate Kid), or anything from Rocky (especially Rocky IV).”

7. What’s your favorite flavor Jolly Rancher and why?

“So, I can’t eat candy (along with a # of other things) but if I could create a flavor of Jolly Rancher it would be banana because I eat a ridiculous amount of them in a day/week/year. 9/63/3276.  If you want the secret to recovering quick after a workout… try a few bananas.”

8.  What was the last thing you “googled” or searched for on the internet?

“I think I am going to go back to school to be a nurse practitioner so I have been searching programs nearby. 10 months ago I would have been googling Crossfit abbreviations. Glad I can finally understand the whiteboard (most of the time).

9. If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would it be and why?

“I never wanted to be anything but a person… I can run, jump, sing, dance, hug, laugh, love, think/reason.  Yup I am good with that!”

10. Any advice for those looking to get started with Crossfit?

“No advice needed.  The coaches, the members, the music, will carry you through.  Huge THANK YOU to Alexander for getting me started and keeping me moving, to Troy for creating such an amazing place and community, to Ryan for breaking down every workout and finding the best scales so that I still feel like a badass and making it so even the hardest workout is obtainable, and to the regular nooners for keeping it interesting!  It has been an incredible year filled with tons of memories inside and outside of the gym.  Know that I talk all the time about how amazing ALL of you are and how much our community means to me and my kids!”


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