Spotlight Coach - December 2017

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This time of year is like no other.  Excitement is electric as we look forward to charging into an amazing new year, but we are also equally humbled as we reflect on everything within the incredible year that is now behind us.

The concept of a new year resolution is rooted in the inherent drive within each of us to begin to live a more positive and impactful life. We revisit our dreams and goals and wonder if we are doing enough to allow us to accomplish them. We resolve to be better. Here at CFE, we find no greater joy than being able to share in the pursuit and achievement of your goals, and we are absolutely elated to see what's ahead for each of you in 2018.

With that being said, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight someone who is not only actively engaged in helping our members achieve optimal fitness, but she has been incredibly passionate and relentless in her own self pursuit of health and wellness.  She is an invaluable leader within our CFE family and as those who know her best will tell you... "She's thoughtful, passionate and inspirational"... "a perpetual student; striving to learn and driven to evolve"... "dedicated to the pursuit of total wellness".  

Please read below to get to know more about CFE's own Kristen Hubbard! a.k.a. DJ K-Hubbs? Can we make that stick? :)

1. When and why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in 2012. I had been studying to become a personal trainer and got a job at a gym that had both a 24-hour fitness facility and a CrossFit gym in the basement...and immediately fell in love with it when I tried it. There was no looking back after that!

2. What are your favorite CrossFit movements / least favorite movements?

My favorite movements are the olympic lifts...specifically the clean and jerk. Least favorite would have to be bodyweight movements or running...not my strong suit. But hey, they are just opportunities to get better at something!

3. What is your favorite movement to coach?

This might sound silly, but the air squat. It is the foundation of so many movements...and you can learn so much about a person’s mobility, habits, limitations by focusing on teaching the perfect air squat. It’s also so important to teach the basics, which is why I love it; you build so much off of them.

4. Any particular coaching memory that stands out for you?

There isn’t one in particular. I would say any moment that I watch someone accomplish something that previously seemed impossible or hard to understand. There’s almost this giddy excitement that comes across someone’s face (even if they try to hide it) when they get that first muscle up, PR a deadlift, finally understand a squat clean or what a jerk is supposed to feel like… so I would say my favorite coaching memory is any memory where an athlete surprised themselves and shattered their previous self-limiting beliefs by realizing they COULD do something they didn’t think they could.

5. What's something you're surprisingly good at that most people don't know (could be anything)?

I try not to be too cocky about it… but I am an amazing beat boxer. They asked me to be in Pitch Perfect 3 but I told them I had to coach the 5:30 am class so I couldn’t. ZDT for life.

6. What are you most proud of in your life?

So many things. Getting sober...finally. And I would say having the courage to leap when there was no net, or I at least couldn’t see so many circumstances. Through that I learned how to honor what I truly wanted and needed in life, and also to trust that things would be okay- no matter what.

7. What's your life outside of CrossFit look like?

On a day to day basis I always start the day (after coaching) with reading and journaling. I am a writer and currently building that career in my own business and working with others in theirs. I like adventure but not the currently I just read a lot of books, watch Survivor, attend weird hippie events with my friends and go to Vegan restaurants.

8. Where do you see your self in 5yrs?

Hopefully in a warmer climate and on a TED stage somewhere or in a coffee shop working on a new article. I also will be training 4-5 days per week again (took a little breather for a minute) and still eating plants (don’t worry they have protein) and making gains. Oh and always connecting with people...whether it’s my athletes, clients, friends or over the web.

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