Spotlight Member - September 2017

Zayna (on the right) with Priscilla post-WOD.

Zayna (on the right) with Priscilla post-WOD.


Zayna Williams
The PR assassin!!
It’s always the quiet ones
that prove to be the MOST deadly!

We are extremely excited and proud to introduce Zayna as our first CFE Spotlight Member! Zayna was chosen for this recognition because every single day she comes into class, puts her head down and goes to work. With laser focus and silent determination, she continuously pushes herself to rise to the next level; making corrections as they are needed and steadily checking challenge goals off her hit-list! 

Sure, she might be quiet, but she never misses an opportunity to cheer others on.  She is humble and shy and you might need to pry her out of her shell a little, but when you do, you will realize Zayna is an absolute rock-star and such a huge part of our CFE family!  Read below to get to know Zayna a little bit better and be sure to say hi and congrats next time you see her!  You can’t miss her, she’ll be the one taking sniper shots at the leaderboards! You rock, Zayna! 

1. How long have you been with us at CFE? Do you remember your first workout?

“I have been at CFE since mid-March! I wish I could remember the WOD but I remember it consisted of rowing and burpees.”

2. What is your favorite movement/lift?  Least favorite?

“My favorite movement is either the power snatch or double-unders.  My least favorite is snatches.”

3. If you could design the perfect workout and name it after yourself what would it be?

“ZAYNA – 3 Rounds for Time: Double-Unders, 200 meter run & power snatches.”

4. You’re the newest addition to the crayon box – what color would you be and why? 

“Purple – it is soft and dull but represents royalty and strength.”

5. If you could pick the perfect song to listen to during the best workout of your life what would it be?

“Wild Thoughts” – by DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

6. What’s your favorite flavor Jolly Rancher and why?

“Cherry – it is hands down the BEST!”

7. If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would it be and why?

“I’d be a bird; to have the capabilities to fly anywhere I want anytime.”

8. Any advice for those looking to get started with Crossfit?

“I would advise not to be as intimidated as I was.  It’s a welcoming community and it’s like no other, you’ll never want to go back to the regular gym. Push yourself beyond your limits.”

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