Living a Life of Purpose

Hey world, Troy here.

Something dawned on me the other day while spending some time in the woods; doing the RIGHT thing does not always equate to doing the POPULAR thing. 

Fads will come and go, trends are a dime a dozen - but one simple truth has always withstood the test of time; doing what's right is never wrong. Sacrificing for, believing in and supporting the people who have propped you up in your darkest hours, when you were reduced to a crawling heap of flesh in a world of rubble and chaos, is quite literally the very definition of what it means to be human. 

Therefore, now more than ever it's important to understand, and embody, this simple ideal; treat everyone you meet with compassion and respect, and never leave anyone out in the cold. For we are ONE PEOPLE, and together we are destined to thrive. 

I've sat back quietly and watched while CrossFit has grown from a grass-roots, garage-gym community into what it is today - a worldwide spectacle showcasing the extremes of which we are physically capable. Unfortunately, with that evolution came popularity and fame, machismo and measurement. The community of like-minded individuals once celebrating each other's accomplishments/achievements has slowly morphed into an atmosphere of comparison and elitism. 

The time has finally come to put down our swords and unclench our fists; to turn "they" into "we" and to embrace the future as it unfolds. The era of separation has come to an end, and it's as important now as it has ever been that we stand together, shoulder to shoulder with those people most similar to us, and harbor no ill-will to those who may be different. For we are all building our communities through which we will survive the changing times. 

I challenge anyone reading this now to slow down and find the time to intimately consider what  you want YOUR future to look like/consist of, and what kind of people you want to spend it with. For we are little more than the combined average of those people which we surround ourselves with most often. In acknowledging this truth, it then becomes glaringly CRUCIAL that in leading a life free from drama and stress to evaluate your surroundings and see things/people as they truly are. For once you see things as they actually are, and not as they claim to be, you gain control of changing your situation in life. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and takes these words for what they're worth. I will never claim to KNOW anything, but merely offer these insights as food for thought so that YOU may begin to spin the wheels of creativity within your very own mind and in time design/realize the life you were destined to live.

All the best,

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