Earned Teens (ages 8-12)

3 Days/week - $80/month

The EARNED middle school program is designed to develop the kinesthetic/body awareness and physical capabilities of young athletes.

We structure our program to incorporate basic bodyweight movements, aerobic conditioning, and functional strength elements with the end goal of increased GPP(general physical preparedness) and decreased risk of injury in mind. 

We incorporate not only team workouts but also team building games/warm ups to help encourage social interactions in a fun, energetic and welcoming environment.

Our programming will push them physically and mentally, but will not break them down. This program is ideal for those looking to grow fit and healthy - regardless of athletic background.


Earned Beasts (ages 13-18)


The EARNED High School program is designed to build off of the momentum and foundation developed during our Middle School program.  

This program is ideal for High School aged youth looking to try something new, workout with their friends, or gain a better understanding of what a well rounded human looks and moves like.

Typical class consists of 2 elements:

1. Strength Element: Strength being crucial to both power production and injury prevention - we make sure to touch on this no less than once per week.

2. Conditioning Element: Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity with proper mechanics and safety being top priority. Here we focus on increasing athletes heart rates and broadening their general conditioning.

Following the protocol of Mechanics>Consistency>Intensity - we are able to develop well rounded athletes who move well, have fun and see incredible results that translate into better performance in life. 

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