Friday 4.15.2016

Wiilmer putting in work!

Warm Up

Row 750m (build speed)
With a dowel:
10-15 Dislocates
10-15 OH Squats
10-15 BTN press at bottom of squat
10-15 Dislocates at bottom of squat

Barbell Warm up

~ Kips & Kicks
~ Banded Hip
~ Banded Couch
~ Banded OH


A. Snatch Complex (12:00)
Hang Snatch + Full Snatch
*build confidence under the bar

B. "Zap"
AMRAP 15:00
Calorie Row
Power Snatch (135/95)

C1. Pendlay Rows - 3x8
C2. Seated Dumbbell Press - 2x10, 2x8, 2x6
C3. Barbell Side Bends - 3x20

Gatorz Sunglass - Made in the USA