Wednesday 5.25.2016

Start from the bottom, work your way up. Each level is dependent on the previous one. Higher levels are impossible without a solid and sturdy foundation. 

Warm Up

Cone Drill Warm Up (3:00)

Junkyard Dog Warm Up (3:00)
-Hop Drill

Clean & Jerk Prep/Loading (15:00)

WOD - Primary Focus

EMOM x 10
1 Clean & Jerk, climbing
*Start at ~60% 1RM and climb each set as you see fit

-Rest 5:00-


For time: (10:00 Cap)

30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)

Accessory - Secondary Focus

1. Tempo Front Squat 4x2, across @ 33x3

2. Weighted Hip Extensions 3x12-15

3. Dumbbell/KB Rows 3x8, per arm

Gatorz Sunglass - Made in the USA