Monday 9.26.2016

Fully stocked with deliciousness!

Fully stocked with deliciousness!

**ATTENTION CFE: Today we roll out a new programming structure, as we test out some new ideas for how to better provide you the best program available to increase fitness, avoid injury, and enhance the overall quality of your life. To summarize below - we're going with a three tier system. Number One (1) is always going to be the focus of the class and the primary training stimulus for our GPP program. However, there are two other options should anyone want to come in early or stay late and put in some extra work. This extra guidance is set up to compliment the training regimen of the week, but also hit some taste buds that haven't been satiated in a while. Priority goes 1-2-3, if you can only stick around for one thing after/before class - make it priority 2 and skip 3. Hope this makes sense. Should you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask one of your coaches. Cheers!

1. "Gargantuan"
For time:
Power Clean & Jerks (185/125)

2. Squat Clean & Jerk
5x3, across [not TnG]

3. Skill/Breathing Work
5 Rounds:
15 Cal Airdyne
30 Unbroken Double Unders*
-Rest as needed between rounds-
*Scale as needed based on ability.
Strive to preserve a fast and intense pace.


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