Monday 11.20.2017

Kids are ready to start the week! 

Kids are ready to start the week! 

1. "Denim"
60 Double Unders
30/21 Cal Row
15 OH Squats (115/80)

2. Snatch Complex
7 Sets Climbing of:
1 Power Snatch + 1 Low Hang Squat Snatch + 1 OH Squat
3x1 Snatch (85-92%)

3. Gymnastic Conditioning
Ring Muscle-Ups
3 Rounds:
25% of Max Unbroken Muscle-ups
35% of Max Unbroken Muscle-ups
45% of Max Unbroken Muscle-ups
Rest as little as needed between unbroken sets and rest 2:00 between rounds.


Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule: 
Monday(11/20)-Wednesday(11/22): Normal Schedule
Thursday(11/23): Closed for Turkey Day
Friday(11/24): TBD, Closed unless otherwise posted
Saturday(11/25): Turkey Throwdown

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