Friday 4.22.2016

What a beautiful day to be on the water ;)

Warm Up

Run 400m (spice it up and make it an indian run as a class!)
3 Rounds
20 Lateral hops
10 DL (95/65)
5 Hindu Push Ups

~ Dislocates/Gandalf
~ Adductor/Hamstring (with dowel)
~ Calf
~ Individual


A. Deadlift - heavy single

B. "Irrational Behavior"
Teams of two, complete for time:
50 Lateral Burpees
50 Deadlifts (275/185)
50 Box Jumps (30/24)

C. Accessory Work
Tricep Kick Backs 3x8-10 reps
Lateral Delt Raises 3x10
Russian Twists 3x12-15

Gatorz Sunglass - Made in the USA