Tuesday 5.17.2016

Suns out guns out!!! 

Suns out guns out!!! 

Warm Up

1. Group Warm Up
-Jumping Jacks x 25
-Front Jacks x 10
-Long Lunge w/ Twist x 8 (4 per side)
-Sit Back Side Lunges x 12 (6 per side)
-Speed Skater Twists x 10 (increasing speed/swing)
-Wide Leg Inch-worming Push Ups x 4
-Arm Circle x 10 per direction

2. Pull Up Prep
-Strict Kips
-Dynamic Kips
-Kip to Pull/Float
-Kipping Pull Ups + Descent
-Full Motion

3. Pre-WOD Run Drills

WOD - Primary Focus

"Eff Em El"

3 RFT:

400m Run
30 Burpees
20 Pull Ups

Accessory/Skill Work - Secondary Focus

1. GHD Sit Ups 3x15

2. Hip Extensions 3x15

3. Seated Iso Curls 3x10, per arm

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